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Tanya Smith - How To Simplify And Structure Your Boudoir Studio Pricing To Increase Revenue

August 17, 2020

On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast I have a conversation with Tanya Smith of Tanya Smith Modern Portraits & Profitable Portraits about her path to creating a successful luxury boudoir photography business.


Tanya is a long time boudoir photographer with over a decade of experience making women beautiful. Through hard work and her philosophy of "stop over complicating things" Tanya grew her business and her revenue beyond her expectations.


In addition to running her business Tanya teaches aspiring photographers her system through her Profitable Portraits Education platform where she teaches the business of portrait photography, so photographers can finally stop working too many hours for little (or no) pay and transform their passion for photography into highly profitable, low stress careers.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Do people make boudoir photography too complicated?
  • At what point do you jump off and become a "pro?"
  • You can be a mediocre photographer and make lots of money...
  • Odd boudoir photography pricing schemes.
  • Should you start off your career with high prices?
  • How to introduce high end pricing.
  • How to respond to client inquiries.
  • Does geography limit your success?
  • Tips for separating yourself from local competition.
  • Understanding there will be more "no's" as a high end photographer.
  • Part time means shooting less, not charging less.
  • Not letting your on money prejudices get in your way.
  • Getting started with vouchers.
  • Getting sample photos from clients.


Links/Products In This Episode:

Adobe Spark


Tanya's Simple Sales Calculator


Where To Find Tanya Smith:

On The Web: Tanya Smith Modern Portraits

Instagram: Tanya Smith

Website: Profitable Portraits


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