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Sarah Blodgett - Comprehensive SEO Deep Dive For Photographers

June 1, 2020

On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast I have a conversation with Sarah Blodgett of Digital Grace Design about comprehensive SEO tactics for photographers.

Sarah founded Digital Grace Design in 2017 to help creatives (like you!) design beautiful, refined, and strategic websites that attract the right people and allow them to better serve their clients. Sarah is Showit's 2019 Designer of the Year, honored to be StoryBrand Certified Guide, and is the creator of the Simple Showit SEO Course. Sarah is based out of New York City, and serves creatives worldwide.

Wow. This episode has a lot of important information. It rates a "10" on the Knowledge-O-Meter. Sarah is really an ace at her craft and this episode covers topics and information that you just don't typically hear in a podcast. Prepare a pencil and paper, and get your finger ready on the back button... you're going to need to take notes here, but it's all for a good cause-- your business.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • SEO doesn't need to be scary.
  • Where does SEO rank in your business launch tasks?
  • Photography SEO fundamentals.
  • Photography SEO page names and structure details.
  • SEO image strategies.
  • Advanced photography SEO strategies.
  • How to optimize Google Search Console for photographers.
  • Why are keywords important for photographers.
  • SEO is like going to the gym??
  • Is blogging old fashioned?
  • Why Google doesn't care about "Ms. R's Session."
  • How long should blog posts be?
  • Steps to optimize photography blog posts for traffic.
  • Common mistakes on photographer websites.
  • Should you be using Linktree?


Links/Products In This Episode:

Google Analytics -

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Showit Websites -

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Sarah's SEO Course:

Simple Showit SEO Course


Where to Find Sarah Blodgett:

Web: - Digital Grace Design

Instagram: -


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