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Nino Batista - So, You Want To Be A Model Photographer?

May 10, 2020

My guest on this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast is model photographer and retouching educator Nino Batista. Nino has been involved in professional photography for over a decade, and the Photoshop world for even longer.

You know Nino! His work has been seen in lifestyle and men's publications the world over, including international editions of Playboy Magazine and FHM. He is also regarded as one of the premier model photography and retouching educators in the U.S.

Nino writes for several online publications, including Fstoppers, and he has taught photography and retouching in countless cities and events such as ShutterFest and CreativeLive... and many others.

Nino and I had a great conversation over a range of topics centered around model photography and retouching-- including Nino's key to success in model photography... which isn't a piece of gear or software-- so listen for the details!

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Covid and managing your business from home.
  • Turning to photography as a means of necessity.
  • Ninos journey in photography.
  • Seems like photography "educators" are everywhere... is this new?
  • The keys to becoming a good photography educator.
  • Photography education cannot be a one size fits all solution.
  • This misnomer that becoming successful in photography is easy.
  • Self awareness is the big key to improving in photography.
  • How to be sincere as a model photographer.
  • Basic gear for starting in model photography.
  • Taking a look at some of Nino's work.
  • Is retouching a growing industry.
  • Is retouching getting better... in general.
  • Common retouching mistakes.
  • Are AI photo editing products the future?
  • Does Nino get inspiration from his students?
  • Why are most glamour photographers men, and most boudoir photographers women?


Links/Products In This Episode:

Photography Fads, Marketing, Technology, and Why You Might Be Getting Old -

Luminar -

Nino's Photoshop Actions -


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