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Kirstie Jones - The Beauty Of Equine Portrait Photography

March 9, 2021

On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast I have a conversation with Kirstie Jones of Kirstie Marie Photography and the Learn With Kirstie Marie educational and business training website. Kirstie is a Dallas, TX based equine portrait photographer and educator.

Kirstie Jones is an equine portrait photographer and educator located in Dallas, Texas. She founded Kirstie Marie Photography in 2013, and since then her work has been published in dozens of equine publications in advertising, editorial and cover spots. She conducts more than 50 private portrait session each year, obtaining an average of over $3,000 per client. She’s also worked with more than a dozen corporate clients, including SmartPak, Hobby Horse and Ride TV. 

Kirstie earned a BBA in finance from the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University, where she also rode as a scholarship athlete for the TCU Equestrian Team. Prior to launching her full-time photography business, Kirstie worked in sales for a software company and in finance as an investor relations associate for an asset management firm.


Photos Discussed In This Episode: 


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Photo Review with Kirstie.
  • Kirstie's history in college equestrian sports. 
  • Can you have success outside of horse country?
  • Do people get in over their head in horses?
  • Logistics of equine photography.
  • Gear for equine photography.
  • Do you only work with horse owners?
  • The mechanics of getting the right shot.
  • Is every horse suitable?
  • Will horses stand still for a photo?
  • Working in commercial equine photography.
  • Kirstie's experiences with commercial photography.


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