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Jessie Wyman - Successfully Transitioning Into Brand Photography

September 5, 2020

On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast I have a conversation with Jessie Wyman of Jessie Wyman Photography about her transition into the brand photography business.

In her own words...

"I'm owner of Jessie Wyman Photography and founder of The Brand Photographer Method. I have been shooting since 2011 but I have a background in urban planning and design. After going to grad school, I never went back to work full time, consulted in the field of urban planning and was able to build my photography business. But I realized that after every season of weddings and families I was exhausted, burnt out and always felt like I wasn't 'there' yet. I tried everything - families, weddings (which was my main focus) but also dogs, newborns, stock photography, IPS - you name it, I've tried it. Then I started hearing about brand photography - so I said 'sure why not!' and decided to hold a mini session event for branding photos. It was a complete financial loss - I only booked two clients, not enough to even cover the cost of the space rental - but I was in love!

Ultimately I decided that is where I wanted to go -but I was terrified to niche down. I decided to add it to my services, but no one was booking. And of course it was the end of another wedding and family season and like every season before, I was left exhausted...wanting to quit all together. But I finally made the decision - to niche down to what I really love.

So I stopped taking on more weddings and families and just transition to branding photographer. And 2 years later here I am - I can proudly say I specialize in Branding Photography!"


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Finding your path in photography.
  • Differences preparing for branding photography vs bridal photography.
  • Finding the balance between authenticity and curated looks.
  • Finding the right way guide clients to selecting the best photos for their project.
  • Where do branding photo sessions take place?
  • Lighting for branding photography.
  • Steps for adding branding photography to your existing mix of services.
  • Using networking & referrals to build your business.
  • Overcoming "impostor" syndrome.
  • The B.R.A.N.D. Photographer Method


Links/Products In This Episode:


Where To Find Jessie Wyman:

Course Signup/Info: The Brand Photographer Method

Instagram: @jessiewymanphotos

Instagram: @thebrandphotographermethod

Website: Jessie Wyman Photography


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