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Arnica Rae - 5 Phases Of Building A Successful Photography Business, Part 1.

February 7, 2021

On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast I have a conversation with Arnica Rae of Arnica Spring Photography and The Natural Light Portrait Studio. Arnica is a Montana based boudoir, glamour & commercial photographer and educator.

Arnica started her path into professional photography as a mere coincidence-- with an opportunity to earn a few extra dollars taking photos of guests at a ranch. She quickly realized there was an opportunity to make more money in photography than there was from her regular job at that time. So, the inspiration hit her to grow and develop her photography business-- and she took action.

After spending some time in the wedding business, and a chance encounter with a Sue Bryce seminar, she knew the direction where she wanted her business to go-- to become a high end glamour and boudoir photography entity.

Now Arnica shares her knowledge and experience with others who want to grow their photography businesses with The Natural Light Portrait Studio website.


Photos Discussed In This Episode: 


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Photo Review with Arnica.
  • Arnica's business intro video.
  • The importance of video.
  • Arnica's start in photography
  • There are so many poor boudoir photographers...
  • Getting started in boudoir.
  • The $75 boudoir photographer.
  • How to gain 150 boudoir customers...overnight.
  • Arnica's 5 Phase Planner
  • Learning the basics.
  • Portfolio Building.
  • Business Building
  • Business Maintenance
  • Business Growth & Development


Links/Products In This Episode:

Download Arnica's 5 Phases Business Planner


Where To Find Arnica Rae:

Website: The Natural Light Portrait Studio

Instagram: Arnica Spring Portrait


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