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Ariel Dilworth - Mini Sessions: How To Do Them Right

June 18, 2020

On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast I have a conversation with Ariel Dilworth of Ariel Dilworth Co about how to keep your photography mini sessions booked-- every time. We also discussed some great smart marketing tips that every photography should be implementing.


Ariel Dilworth is a wife, mom, photographer and educator who is passionate about challenging others to live lives of purpose on purpose. She started out in 2013 as a ‘mom-with-a-camera’ and managed to turn her hobby into a six-figure business while moving to a different state and adding 3 kids to her family.


Ariel has worked with over 1,500+ clients and been featured in many publications. Through growing her own photography business, Ariel has found a passion for authentic marketing & communication. She has since created multiple online courses to help other photographers market their own businesses in a way that is effective but still true to them!


Topics Discussed In This Episode:


  • What are photographers doing wrong with mini sessions?
  • Simple steps to keeping mini sessions profitable.
  • Be intentional about scheduling mini sessions.
  • Pricing your photography mini sessions.
  • Don't give away "too much" in your minis.
  • You should be segmenting your email list.
  • Easy ways to schedule your mini sessions.
  • Smart marketing for your photography mini sessions.
  • After the session, what comes next..
  • Leveraging your email list.
  • Think of yourself as a resource for your clients.
  • Using social media the smart way
  • Building your Facebook engagement.
  • The smart way to use social media.
  • Why you shouldn't copy your competitors.
  • The truth about what is different about your business...
  • What are people doing wrong with their advertising.
  • Why you should be using video.


Links/Products In This Episode:

Acuity Scheduling




Ariel's Freebies For Photographers:

Corona Virus Toolkit

The Photographer's Guide To Overcoming Self-Doubt

30 Social Media & Live Video Posts For Photographers

More Than Marketing Course


Where To Find Ariel Dilworth:

On The Web: Ariel Dilworth Co.

Instagram: Ariel Dilworth Co.

On Facebook: Ariel Dilworth Co.

On Pinterest: Ariel Dilworth Co.

On Youtube: Ariel Dilworth Co.


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