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Allison Conelias - Lessons Learned In Starting A Boudoir Photography Business

September 19, 2020

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On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast I have a conversation with Allison Conelias of Allison Pamela Photography --Just two people talkin' boudoir photography. I talk with Allison about how she got started in her business, and she shares some great tips she's learned along the way, including why the client experience is so important to success. When you get two people together who really enjoy what they do you get a show like this! --Just two people talkin' about what they love doing.

Allison is a Boston based boudoir photographer. She is a wife, mother, creator, writer, and fun-loving woman, which, believe it or not, works perfectly in a setting that can make clients feel vulnerable and nervous. She places high value on the luxury experience she provides and thrives on connecting with her clients on a personal level to understand their motivation for seeking out a boudoir experience. Beginning her career as a boudoir client herself and struggling with her own body image, she understands the importance of self-love, acceptance and body appreciation.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:

  • Journey into boudoir from being a client first.
  • Finding your own work space.
  • The work involved in finding the right work space for you.
  • Not just a boudoir photographer...I'm also a client.
  • Remembering your first paid client.
  • Early struggles in your business.
  • Is discounting prices a good strategy to get business when starting.
  • Getting advice from boudoir peers.
  • "Non-advice" from photography "gurus."
  • Allison's client experience process.
  • Why the client relationship is so important in boudoir.
  • Why makeup artists are important to the client experience.
  • Creating a "safe space" for women to express their sexuality.
  • Instagram tips for attracting ideal clients.


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Where To Find Allison Conelias:

Instagram: @apboudoir

Website: Allison Pamela Photography


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